Most fan fiction archives allow all authors to submit their fan fiction, as long as they follow a few simple guidelines. This is wonderful and I'm all for it. But the one disadvantage is most achieves have a great quantity of fan fiction instead of quality. A.M.R. was becoming one of those archives, and to be honest I wasn't quite pleased. So instead of submitting fan fictions, authors AND readers will now be allowed to nominate fan fiction.

What does it mean to nominate? Well it's much like a contest and the award is to have your fan fiction posted on A.M.R. Not that I'm saying my web site is the best thing since sliced cheese… I'm just saying that I only want the best fan fiction to be posted. And the best does not necessarily mean the most popular. There's nothing wrong with the popular stories. But by allowing authors to nominate their fan fiction, this will give some of the more unknown authors a chance to shine. THAT, I have to say, is the other big reason why I'm changing this site's policy.

To nominate any Sailormoon fan fiction, please include the following information in your email body.

-- Title of Story

-- Author (or your name if you are the author)

-- Email address of author.

-- The number of chapters the stories has, unless it's a short story.

-- The web site you found it; if you want to send it that's fine, too.

Please include a subject for your email that tells me you are sending fan fiction. A good subject would be the title of the story and the author's name. I don't want to mistake any fan fiction for junk mail.

Please, no hentai. It isn't really because of the kiddies on the Internet. It's just my personal preference.

If you do send the story instead of giving a web address, I will accept the following formats: txt, zip, doc, or html. I don't like for it to be in the email body unless the only way you can send it. Also, please wrap your story before sending it. Most stories are wrapped 70 characters per line. If you don't follow these rules, your nomination will be deleted.

When I have read your nominated story, I will contact you. This is regardless if I post it on my web site or not. If you are the reader nominating a story, I will contact the author before I contact you. This is so I can get permission from the author to post his or her story. If you are the author and I do not post your story, I will tell you why. But please do not think you're a crappy writer if I don't accept it. I've learned from experience with my singing (and writing) that just because you're not picked for something doesn't mean you're terrible. You just need to strive to improve. And I will accept re-nominations. So don't worry. If you don't make it the first time, the second time may be the charm!

So, ready to nominate your story?  Then send it right here!


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