Whether you're a newbie to fan fiction, or you've been reading it for years, seeing what other people are reading can help you find some of the better stories.  So here is a list of stories that I consider great and worth reading.  You may think otherwise, which is fine.  I read mostly Usagi and Mamoru romances, but I think there's something for everyone in this collection.  If you have a suggestion, please email me and tell me.  If I like it, I'll add it to the list.

Stories are listed by author.  Next to each author's name is the web site that you can find their stories at.  If an author does not have a web site next to his or her name, that means you can find the stories in this web site's archive.


Alicia Blade .:. first love .:.

  • Royal Flush


  • Don't Let Me Go


  • Oh, Baby!

  • The *Voices* Turn

It Lives on Butter

  • Caution: Pegasus Turning


  • The 4 AM Series


  • The Awakenings of Tsukino ChibiUsa

  • Peaches

Lilac Summers .:. a sailor moon romance .:.

  • The BIG Wish

  • For Want of Sleep

Lord Chaos .:. a sailor moon romance .:.

  • ab type (antithesis)

  • Cat O' Nine Tales

  • Lunatic Fringe (Cat O' Nine Tales 2)


  • Fatal Exposure

  • Full Circle

  • The Quest

  • Seduction

Narie the Waitress

Patch .:. a sailor moon romance .:.

  • To Please Her

Princess Destiny

  • Spin the Bottle

Psycho Star .:. a sailor moon romance .:.

  • Ferris Wheel Kisses

  • Mamo-chan Times Three!!!

  • Mattresses, Malls, and Mayhem

Ryo-chan .:. a sailor moon romance .:.

  • Pegasus

Sailor Elysia .:. a sailor moon romance .:.

  • Strangers on a Train

.:. back to garden .:.