I suppose the title for this page should be Unmasked, since I'm trying to make a pun out of my pen name, but Unveilings sounds more poetic to me.  Anyway, speaking of unveilings… this lovely picture of Tuxedo Kamen is quite appropriate, ne?  He's taking off his domino mask and is showing off those blue eyes of his. I just love it.  A good enough of a reason to use this picture of our favorite masked hero, I think. ^_^

Okay... Now that I'm finished with my useless ramblings, welcome to Unveilings, my personal web page that is home to my Sailormoon fan fiction.  There's not much I can say, because I feel a bit weird talking about myself.  I will say that I  enjoy writing, I enjoy Sailormoon and other, and so I fully enjoy combining these two.  So I hope you enjoy my stories.

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. : .   T H E   R E V E L A T I O N   T R I L O G Y   . : .

Sleeper (updated 05.31.03)

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Revelation (under revision)

Deliverance (title tentative)


. : .   A M A Z I N G   G R A C E   S E R I E S   . : .

Take a Picture (completed)

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Facing Mother(hood) (completed)

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Second Chances

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. : .   S H O R T   S T O R I E S   . : .

Ai no Memories

All I Want for Christmas is You

The Green Tweed Jacket

To My Hotaru

Time is Standing Still

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Sailormoon and the characters of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon were created and belong Takeuchi Naoko. Sailormoon is also owned by Toei Animation, Kodansha, Cloverway, etc.  I do not own and I do not make any profit from the use of these characters.  I'm just a Christian woman with a unique hobby and a love for writing.  


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