the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in returned...

In the beginning...

During an unknown period in time, the Lord of Nightmares created four staffs that projected from her home, the Sea of Chaos.  These four staffs are four worlds that exist on parallel planes, and a small portion of the Sea Chaos exists in each staff.  And on each of these staffs, there is a god and a demon lord.  The god strives to protect the staff while the demon lord tries to control and destroy it, and these two deities are constantly at war.

On our native staff, Flare Dragon Ceiphed and Ruby Eye Shabranigdo battled ages before we were ever created.  No one knows how long the god and the demon lord fought, though the conclusion is relevant.  Shabranigdo's body was split into seven pieces.  But just before the demon lord was sealed, he created five mazoku lords from himself: Maryuu-ou Gavv, Juu-ou Zelas Metallium, Mei-ou Phibrizzo, Ha-ou Dynast Grauscherra, and Kai-ou Dolphin.  Ceiphied, who used all of his powers to dismember and seal Shabranigdo, sunk into the Sea of Chaos.  And like Shabranigdo, the god left behind four parts of himself: Suiryuu-ou Rugradia, Karyuu-ou Valbazard, Chiryuu-ou Langould, and Tenryuu-ou Valwin.

Legend has it...

The Lord of Nightmares sealed part of her powers inside four Golden Drop Jewels.  She hid a jewel in each staff, partically our native staff, for the mazoku and the ryuuzoku to search for.  Whoever found the jewel would have their desires granted.  For the mazoku, this is to destroy the world.  For the ryuuzoku, it is to see that the world is always protected.  The jewel can only be used once, and it can only be used by a creature from its world.  However, the legend is believed to be just that: a legend that our staff's elders made up to fuel the already present hatred between the mazoku and the ryuuzoku.

However, some choose to believe...

There are two mazoku lords who believe in the jewels' existence: Juu-ou Zelas Metallium and Kai-ou Dolphin.  Their very belief in these jewels has turned them into vicious enemies, severing all ties with each other.  Both desire their staff's jewel, and both are willing to go through great lengths to aquire it...

And so, a mazoku priest and a golden dragon are caught in the crossfire...


Part One: Mazoku


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Part Two: Ningen

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