Fan Fiction Sites

Gemstone Garden: this is an archive of quality Sailormoon fan fiction. This is not necessarily an archive where anyone can submit their stories, but more of a collection of fan fiction that I find exceptional and worth reading. Anyone can nominate their stories, but not everyone will have their stories archived. But don't let that stop you, okay? ^_-

Unveilings: this is the web page for Sailormoon fan fiction written by Masked Maiden. Yes, these are my attempts at delving into the lives of Usagi and Co. I do hope you take the time to read them. Comments and critiques are always welcomed!

Celtic Legends: this is the web page for Sailormoon fan fiction by Meara, who is a good friend of mine. She is such a talented author and I highly recommend all of her stories, especially her Crystal Tokyo Trilogy. You will NOT be disappointed!

Into the New World: now this is the web site for my newest obsession… Slayers! This is my very first attempt at writing a Slayers fan fiction, and it happens to be a Xelloss and Filia saga. Once again, comments and critiques are always welcomed!

Extra Sites

Fatal Attraction: this is the official fanlisting devoted to my favorite characters from Slayers, Xelloss and Filia. If you are a fan of these two, then this is the fanlisting that you should join!