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In case you don't know, a fanlisting is a web site for fans of a show, movie, actor, singer, or whatever to join.  Sort of like some of those clubs in high school:  you show up and join, just to get your name on the role and something nice for your college application.  But of course, a fanlisting is much more important!

Fatal Attraction is a fanlisting that is devoted to my favorite characters from the anime Slayers, Xelloss and Filia. It doesn't matter whether you think these two are a great couple (although that is the main purpose of the fanlisting), mutual friends, enemies, or just part of the series' comic relief. If you're a fan of both of these characters, then this is a fanlisting that you should join. We're not here to debate over the nitty gritty facts about the series.  A fan is a fan, and we should all unite and show our love for Xelloss and Filia. Even if Xelloss has to suffer a bit. He can stand only so much love. ^_-