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Masked Maiden is known to the real world as Carrie. She is a first (going on second) year college student who loves writing fan fiction, working on her web sites, reading, listening to music, and hanging with her friends. She is the maintainer of a miracle romance, a collective that is mostly devoted to fan fiction written by her and other authors. (She also has a blog in case you're interested...) Her most favorite anime are Sailormoon, Slayers, and Rurouni Kenshin. To contact her, all you have to do send a message to masked_maiden@hotmail.com. And now she must stop, because it's really weird to talk about herself in third person, heheh...

disclaimers and credit
Slayers was created and is property of Hajime Kanzaka and Rui Araizumi.  It is also property of Kadokawa, Softx, TV Tokyo. I do not have ownership and I do not make any profits from the use of the series on this web site. Page content belongs to Carrie Lee, i.e. Masked Maiden. The image that is used for the layout is from the doujinshi Border II. Scans of this doujinshi can be found on this web page. If you are the owner of this web page and you scanned this image, please contact me so that you can be given credit where credit is do.

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