:: updates ::

Added nine new members!!!! ^-^

Added seven new members. :)

Added one member.  

Added two members.

Added Lady Athena onto the list.  

Three new members. Also, to Lady Athena... I lost your information. (I'm sorry!) If you could re-send the information on the join page, I'll add you to the list ASAP. And again, I'm sorry about that.

We have reached twenty members! Woo hoo! Also, I forgot to mention that Xelloss no Miko donated some more lovely codes, so we should thank him. And finally, two more affiliates. They have been added to the splash page.

Five members have been added. Also, look out for a change in Fatal Attraction in the next month or so.

One member has been added, along with a lovely code donated by Xelloss no Miko!  However... because one member never did place a code on their web site, that person has been taken off the list.  It's very important that you place a code on your web site.  That's sort of part of the fanlisting tradition: I scratch my back, you scratch mine.  If will be contacting this person, and is he/she still wishes to be on the list and puts a code on his/her web site, then he/she will be put back on the list.  I think that's more than fair... ^^;  Anyway, have a happy 4th of July! ^_^