:: rules ::

Rule #1: You must be a fan of both Xelloss and Filia, not one or the other. Although this fanlisting is mainly for fans that see them as a couple, I will accept all fans. These two seem to bring up the most controversy when it comes to couples in the Slayers universe. (You know, the whole "mazoku cannot love" debate…) And you know what? The controversy isn't worth loosing members to. So if you like 'em, sign up!

Rule #2: As I have already said, this is a fanlisting for all fans. That means you do not need a web site to join. All I need is your name/nickname, email address, and the country you live in.

Rules #3: If you do have a web site, when you should place a code somewhere on that site. It shows that you are a fan, and it brings more people my way. (A nice little deal, ne?) It doesn't matter what type of web site you have, just as long as it's somewhat complete.

Rules #4: This is a special rule for a certain type of web sites: pornography web sites. Naturally, the maternal side of me wants to keep any under-age eyes from looking at naked men and women. However, this *is* a fanlisting for all fans. So if you do have a porn site, I will list your name/nickname, email address, country, but NOT your web site. This rule also applies to hate web sites and any web sites with offensive content.

Think you can follow all of these rules? Then head on over to the form!